— how to become an unorthodox (web)software studio


Work asynchronously, respect privacy, prefer minimalist and simple stack, don’t fall for “everyone does this way” fallacy, help independent thinkers, and — whenever possible — teach to fish.

The way to Work

essens works asynchronously in different times zones. Synchronous communication has to be scheduled in advance.


Respecting privacy — is the priority. Consequently, essens is open to pseudonymous communication, and accepts crypto (Monero/XMR only) as payment.

Tools of the Trade

essens doesn’t join corporate chats such as slacks and/discords and others, doesn’t share progress in your notion/asana project dashboards. Instead, you get a detailed email with progress update on Fridays. Sometimes, we create a dedicated chat in SimpleX.

The why

The goal is to help independent people reducing the gap between their vision for a meaningful project (software) and the skills they have. essens provides skills and expertise in software, meaningful strategy and philosophy (see #1 in the manifest).

Meaningful Projects Are

— careful, well-thought, consciously and mindfully designed, not-rushed, at least culturally and socially aware, inclusive, sustainable and antifragile.

The Perfect Project Is

— one that follows the indy web principles, doesn’t suck users data, privacyand securityaware, and is created by someone ready to maintain the project in the future.

The Perfect Software Is

— lightweight, cross-platform, portable, antifragile, sustainable, and resilient


Following the omakase principle, essens uses minimal, scalable, ergonomic and — when possible — low-js technologies. Such as Astro, Ruby on Rails, Tauri, Alpine.js, HTMX, Redwood, Zola and others.


Following the #1 in the manifest, essens designs software solutions. Omakase as well.