on working together


essens is ready to work together if you’re a decent, and sensible human being, interested in building meaningful, and sustainable software that will trigger positive disturbance.

essens makes:

  • apps;
  • services;
  • platforms;
  • websites;
  • blogs;
  • media platforms and digital zines;
  • content management systems;
  • other backend/frontend/fullstack solutions;

open to collaboration with:

  • indy creators and builders;
  • smaller businesses and mom-and-pop companies;
  • NGOs and change-focused organizations;
  • cultural and social teams/institutions;
  • self-reliant tribe;
  • agents of change;

let’s chat if you:

  • have seen enough of design and dev studios requesting dozens of thousands of whatever money to create yet another dummy website;
  • know that the à la carte approach can hide fragilities, errors, and bugs which can’t be allowed when you are not big company able to spend even bigger budgets on dealing with mistakes;
  • aim to build meaningful, and human-scale software thing without complexity overhead, powerplay and bureaucracy theatre;
  • want to make your digital/online HQ sustainable and future-friendly;

rhythm and tempo

  • 6 weeks per project (usually);
  • $1,000 per week (Mon-Fri);
  • 2 weeks cooldown (indispensable);

can’t afford?

Reach out, — essens has got you covered: [email protected]

not interested in working with those who:

  • “deliver products”, “ship innovation”, and end up with yet another useless thing that ends up sitting on servers and eating electricity for nothing;
  • need a flashy website just like everyone else does: you can’t seem professional if you don’t use a thousand hover animations, can you?
  • want to do exactly “what others do” without questions;
  • is not ready to trust expertise, experience, and professionalism, and tend to micromanage at every step of the way;